Cups and other plastic utensils in households is becoming widely used
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Plastic appliances

The use of plastic containers, cups and other plastic utensils in households is becoming more and more widely used, especially in the summer. How to choose materials and ensure safety? Senior engineer Wang Zhenhua said that the bottom of the plastic product has a triangle with an arrow. The recycling mark, which has a number in the middle of the triangle, is a plastic material code that can be used to select different plastic materials for different purposes.

"1" stands for PET (polyester): common in mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles

This beverage bottle can be heat-resistant up to 70 °C, suitable for warm drinks or frozen foods and drinks, high temperature liquids or heating is easily deformed, harmful substances will melt. After 10 months of use, PET may be aged and release harmful substances. Therefore, when the bottle is used up, it should be discarded in time, and it should not be used as a cup or recycled for a long time.

"2" stands for HDPE (high density polyethylene): soy sauce bottle, oil bottle, cleaning, bathing product bottle

HDPE can be heat-resistant 100 °C -120 °C, used for food packaging is generally used to manufacture large-capacity containers, turnover boxes, turnover barrels, etc., with good environmental adaptability.

"3" represents PVC (polyvinyl chloride): medicine bottle, storage bottle

PVC plasticizers without plasticizers are used for pipes, doors and windows, and for small quantities in food and pharmaceutical packaging.

"4" stands for LDPE (low density polyethylene): yogurt bottle, chewing gum bottle, beverage bottle

LDPE is a general-purpose plastic with a low processing temperature. Generally no additives are added. It can be used to make a variety of containers, but the use temperature cannot exceed 80°C.

"5" represents PP (polypropylene): crisper, microwave lunch box

The only plastic box that can be placed in a microwave can be reused after careful cleaning. Need special attention, some microwave lunch boxes, boxes made of PP resin, but the lid is made of PE, because PE can not withstand high temperatures, so can not be put together with the box into the microwave oven. To be on the safe side, remove the lid before placing the container in the microwave oven.

"6" stands for PS (polystyrene): instant noodle box, snack box

PS is good for heat resistance, cold resistance, and impact resistance, but it cannot be put into the microwave oven for heating to avoid release of low-molecular chemicals due to high temperatures. It is not suitable for holding strong acidic substances (such as vinegar, orange juice), and easily decomposes harmful ingredients at high temperatures.

"7" stands for PC (polycarbonate): kettle, cup, pure bucket

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